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Provoked By Republic TV, Student Threatens Mumbai Commissioner

The spread of hatred and propaganda against Mumbai Police by News Channels has now reached new heights.

Provoked by Republic TV, a 21 year old  MBBS student has threatened a top ranking police officer.

Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh’s family have received threats to life on Social Media. They have brought him in for questioning and then let him go.

The student, a fan of Republic TV, was spurned into action by the negative opinion the news channel had regarding Mumbai Police. The channel’s disdain comes from their apparent lack of action regarding Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide.

Param Bir Singh’s family has been receiving a ton of distasteful messages on social media and also on phone from a few days. 

Singh decided to ignore it but soon these messages turned into threats and that could not be ignored. He decided to act.

An unknown person had sent several messages through a social media platform to a close family member of his, asking him to advise the commissioner to remain quiet. This person had said there were other ways to shut him up, a police officer said.

As the message counted as a threat, Singh decided to put in a formal complaint.

Based on the IP address, police identified the person who made the threat as a resident of Thane. His sister is a chartered accountant (CA) and his father a chemical engineer, police said.

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The student, when contacted, confessed to his mistake and apologized. His parents too apologized and promised that this will not be repeated again.

Police Statement

Mumbai Police Commissioner said, “We decided not to press charges against the youngster who got influenced and poisoned by the news coverage by Republic News channel. The boy hails from a good and reputed family. The boy confessed he did it after watching the news channel and assured us that he will not repeat the mistake. Even his parents accepted the mistake. We counselled and guided the boy not to get carried away by such news channels that are misguiding people with fake information and trying to defame Mumbai police.” Police said that they have also come across several fake accounts opened on social media with the aim of maligning Mumbai police.

News channels nowadays are running rampant with their own propaganda and spreading false news. They have baseless accusation and allegations. The conspiracy theories and communal hatred are an add on. Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has opened a can of ugly worms and it is now a fight for TRP’s. With respect to all this, there is a case filed against some leading news channels. Now justice will be served.

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