Prime Minister Modi Thanks The People Of Bihar For Election Victory

The Bihar elections are over and the BJP-NDA has been declared the winner.

In his address to the public, Prime Minister Modi thanked the people of Bihar for this victoryThe NDA won a nail biting election against RDJ’s grand alliance with Congress.

Tejashwi Yadav proved to be a tough competition for incumbent Nitish Kumar. But he felt weak in the face of the powerful Prime Minister’s pull.

At a meeting this evening to celebrate the BJP’s victory in Bihar and a series of by-polls in 12 states, he said “Not just in Bihar, we won in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and even in Telangana and Ladakh. The BJP won everywhere”.

The party had scooped up more than 50 seats in the by-elections.

“In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP returned to govern with greater numbers than what is got in 2014. Bihar too, the BJP was the only party which saw a growth in seats while contesting a fourth consecutive term with our partners. In Gujarat too, the BJP has been in power since the ’90s, yet even in the latest by-elections too, we won comprehensively… It shows that people are seeing who is working for them,” he added.

The BJP, PM Modi said, is the only one which “truly has a national connect” with the people of India. “From just two MPs and two rooms, the BJP today is there in every corner of India,” he said to slogans of “Modi hai toh mumkin hai (Anything is possible when Modi is around)”.

“I don’t just want to thank them (the people) for supporting us, but for participating in the democratic process. For coming out and doing their bit. The elections that happen in India are unparalleled in the entire world,” he added.

This victory for BJP is the first since last years general elections. The BJP had formed alliance with Nitish Kumar’s JDU to have a stronger base. The BJP though one with a bigger share and now it is yet to be seen if the go through with their promise. The promise being that of Nitish Kumar retaining his position of Chief Minister. The BJP is divided on that matter.

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Maharashtra is the only other state where state elections took place since Lok Sabha polls. The relationship between Maharashtra and the centre government got bitter as Uddhav Thackeray ended their decade long alliance with BJP. Shiv Sena has broken away and formed government with the Congress and Sharad Pawar’s Nationalist Congress party. The reason being the power struggle with the BJP over major issues.