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Pizza Delivery Boy Tests Positive For COVID-19 In Delhi, 72 Families In Danger

Pizza delivery boy tests Positive for COVID-19 in South Delhi, 72 families to whom he gave the parcel are self-quarantine since then.

In an ongoing coronavirus situation in India, a pizza delivery man from a popular pizza chain in South Delhi tested positive for COVID-19. According to an ANI tweet, Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain said that as many as 72 families residing in the South District of Delhi had been advised to practice self-quarantine as a safety precaution after the man tested positive for the deadly disease. The delivery boy is now getting treatment in a hospital while those who came into his touch are being regularly monitored.

South Delhi District Magistrate, DM BM Mishra was quoted by IANS saying a delivery boy from a popular pizza chain in the Malviya Nagar area tested positive Tuesday. The officer added the authorities agreed to quarantine his 17 colleagues at the pizza outlet immediately. Reports advise that a rigorous investigation was carried out to locate suspicious people to identify each house where food was distributed by the outlet.

The official said there was no need to worry, as he had told all delivery boys to use masks and follow the safety measures when carrying out the delivery. Some of the orders from this pizza outlet were also made through food delivery giant Zomato according to an IANS.

A statement by Zomato reads “All the co-workers of the said rider have tested negative and as a precaution, the restaurant where the rider worked has suspended operations.”

Nine districts in Delhi are on the Centre’s list of hotspot districts released. Many of these districts are in ‘red zone’ under COVID-19. The government said any hotspot labeled as a red zone will be a district or town leading to more than 80 percent of the country or state cases.

There are 207 other districts identified as possible hotspots, according to the report, and the government has tasked the states with ensuring the containment of the outbreak in those areas.

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