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Pics: Skies turn ‘pink’ in Bhubaneswar after Cyclone Amphan makes landfall

Amidst the continuing fight against COVID-19, Amphan cyclone wreaked havoc in the states of Bengal and Odisha on Wednesday.

Termed “extremely severe cyclonic storm” by the meteorological department, the Amphan Cyclone made landfall in both the states with copious amounts of rain, gusty winds, and lightning — destroying everything in its path, leaving behind chilling visuals all around.

The “super cyclone” has reportedly killed 12 persons in West Bengal, while power supply and phone networks also took a hit in the states.

There was, however, some respite for residents of Bhubaneswar, who were greeted with purple-pink skies across and used Twitter to share photos from the city of Odisha.

“My city is an example that we bloom with grace no matter how stormy the times be,” wrote one resident of Bhubaneswar on the microblogging site.

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