Open fire at anti-CAA protesters in Jamia University: One Hurt

Bullet fired hit a Journalism student of Jamia in the arm. He has been taken to a nearby private hospital.

A student of Jamia Millia Islamia got injured when a man opened fire at a group of ant-CAA protesters on Thursday afternoon and shouted “Yeh lo azaadi”. This tragic incident has triggered panic in the city. 

“The man who fired the bullet is yet to be recognized but he has been detained after he fired at students protesting against the Citizen Amendment Act (CAA)”, said the Police.

An eye-witness said, “We were moving towards the Holy Family Hospital where the police had raised barricades. Suddenly, a gun-wielding man came out and opened fire. One of those bullets hit my friend’s arm.”

The victim is currently been taken to AIIMS Trauma Centre for treatment.

The thing which is raising concern amongst everyone is that the area was heavily guarded by Police yet no one came upfront to stop this raging man from firing bullets. Not only Police but also there was a heavy presence of media in that area yet no agility was shown to combat the harmful act.

The #Jamia is trending on Twitter where many Twitterratis are tweeting about the inaction of the Delhi Police. They are accusing them of not stopping this tragedy from happening.

Talking about the CAA protests, this protest has nothing to do with one community or one political party. The solidarity reason why the youngsters of the country are showing up today is not related to any segment of the people; it is a fight against divisiveness.