Tuesday, September 29, 2020

    Mumbai’s Four Seasons hotel charges ₹ 1700 for two boiled eggs

    After JW Marriott Chandigarh charged Rahul Bose ₹ 442 for 2 bananas, Mumbai’s Four Seasons hotel has now charged ₹ 1700 for two boiled eggs.


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    Just a few days back Bollywood actor Rahul Bose brought to everyone’s notice that he was charged Mumbai’s ₹ 442 for two bananas by the JW Marriott, Chandigarh. And now Mumbai’s Four Seasons hotel has charged ₹ 1700 for two boiled eggs.

    ‘Murgi Pehle Ya Anda’? Well, this is not the question here. The question is the amount charged for just two boiled eggs.

    A Twitter user posted a bill with the caption: “2 eggs for Rs 1700 at the @FourSeasons Mumbai.” If you take a close look at the bill, you will notice that even an omelette was charged for ₹ 850.

    The twitter user also tagged Rahul Bose with the caption saying, “Bhai Aandolan Karein (Shall we protest)?”

    Some of the comments under the bill reads-

    Is ande ke sath Sona bhi nikla hai kya (Did the hen hatch gold with the eggs)?”

    “Chicken must be from very rich family…”

    Not to forget, after Rahul’s complaint, the hotel JW was charged with a fine of ₹ 25000.

    The hotel is yet to issue a statement on this.

    With food being the everyday necessity, how fair is it for big hotels to charge this humongous amount for a mere commodity? No doubt the luxury and the ambiance served by them would not be applicable to that of a roadside place, but charging such a huge amount is clearly not done.

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