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Modiji Has Decided On The Dates: UP BJP President Swatantra Dev Singh

Uttar Pradesh Bhartiya Janta Party President spoke to a crowd gathering on Friday while tensions are rife between India and China

Swatantra Dev Singh reportedly said that Modiji has decided on all the dates regarding war with Pakistan and China. Also has decided on dates with regards to Article 370, temples and much more.

Singh in a video that has surfaced on the internet seems to promising workers on these things.

Singh is seen telling party workers in the video, “Yeh Modiji ne tay… Sab tithi tay hai, mirtron. Kab kya hona hai, sab tay hai… 370 dhara kab samapta hoga, Ram Mandir ka nirman kab hoga, Pakistan se yuddh kab hoga, China se yuddh kab hoga (It has been decided by Modiji… The date is set for everything, what will happen when, everything is decided… When will Article 370 be abrogated, when will Ram temple be built, when there will be a war with Pakistan, when there will be a war with China).”

After the video erupted into a full blown controversy, Singh seems to retract his steps saying,“I just addressed the workers and I did not say anything on the lines as is reportedly being circulated. I would have to look into the context first.”

Singh who is campaigning for the by-elections to seven Assembly seats in Uttar Pradesh, said that his words have been taken out of context.

He is traveling to various constituencies in the state as a part of campaign.

Other statements Singh said

Swatantra Dev Singh also added in the video that BSP, SP and Congress have failed to meet the public’s expectation.

He also requested people to look at Narendra Modi and his track record. Also look at his apparent service to the people and then decide who will be better for their children’s future.

Singh further added that the BJP was working on the path of Lord Krishna and Ram.

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Lord Krishna did not even spare his family and his caste, and that in case a wrong is committed, one has to rise above family and caste for the sake of the country.

Singh promised that the BJP would not allow any insult of the country or the poor.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is busy with campaigning in the Bihar for the Bihar elections.

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