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Man plays dead to protect himself from tiger in Maharashtra, video surfaces

A man in Maharashtra played dead in order to protect himself after a tiger attacked and sat on him. The video of the incident has surfaced online where people can be seen chasing away the tiger when it suddenly attacks the man.

The Indian Forest Services officer, Parveen Kaswan, has startled the Twitter users with a video of a man pretending to be dead when approached by a ferocious tiger. The incident reportedly occurred in Bhatinda district, Maharastra which was filmed by the forest official and uploaded on the social media rendering the netizens aghast.

The clip, which is 30 seconds long, portrays a tiger meandering in the open field like a bunch of people encircle him and watch in horror. The tiger seems agitated noticing a hue and cry around him as people stood in a group attempting to get rid of the wild cat.

The anxious carnivore can be seen trying to escape as he flees from one spot to another until he spots a man and ambushes him. It was at this point in the clip that the online community held their breath as the tiger hovered over the man smelling him with both his paws on the man’s chest. However, in what could be said ultimate wits, the man froze on the spot pretending to be dead to the animal. The man did not move an inch as the tiger inspected him and could have probably devoured if he knew the man was alive.

Twitter lauded the man’s sense of decision making

Twitter could not contain the horror of being in such a close encounter with a tiger and lauded the man’s sense of decision making. While some users called the man’s experience with the tiger as horrific and frightening, some users commented that it was perhaps unique and adventurous. Some users opined that humans have eradicated the habitat for the tigers and other animals in the wildlife, such incidences are the aftermath of the destruction of the ecosystem. She suggested that the humans must begin conservation of wild animals before they are wiped off the surface of the Earth.

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