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Man dies on Delhi-Lucknow highway, hundreds of cars run over body for 12hrs

A man died in an accident on Saturday while trying to cross Delhi-Lucknow highway in Uttar Pradesh's Amroha and was dismembered and crushed to bones as hundreds of vehicles passed over it. The body continued to lie on the busy stretch for around 12 hours.

On Saturday a deadly accident claimed the life of a pedestrian who was trying to cross Delhi-Lucknow highway in Uttar Pradesh’s Amroha and his body was badly dismembered as it continued to lie on the busy stretch for 12 hours and hundreds of motorists passed over it. Sources mentioned that several police vehicles were patrolling in the region near the crime spot, but none of them noticed the corpse nor anyone was alerted about it lying on the busy road.

Corpse crushed to bones

Reportedly, On Saturday as the evening hours started and the darkness fell, the man got knocked down by a speeding car near Shahwazpur Gate at Gajraula area in Amroha and the police got to know about it only on the following day in the morning. Overnight the corpse was crushed to bones as the vehicles stripped off its flesh with their tyres.

Gender established after postmortem

The remains of the corpse were scrapped off from the road by the police. The body was so badly crushed that the gender of the deceased person was established with the help of the postmortem report and his clothes. However, the investigating officials have yet not been able to identify the deceased, reported the Times of India.

DNA preservation for identification

According to the Station House Officer of Gajraula Police Station Jaiveer Singh, the DNA of the deceased person will be preserved for identification.

Corpse run over by 60 cars on Pune-Mumbai Expressway

Another similar incident happened last week which clearly exposed the inhuman apathy of the passerby where a man after being knocked by a speeding car on Pune-Mumbai Expressway was run over by nearly sixty vehicles. The police collected the remains of the dismembered corpse and later ascertained the deceased person’s identity from a document that was recovered from his shirt’s pocket. According to the police, the bloodstains were spread over 150 metres on the road. Owing to dim light, the motorist might not have been able to spot the corpse and ran over it. Moreover, they were also scared over the fact that they might stand a chance of getting hit by other vehicles that were advancing from behind.

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