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Lalu Yadav Slams PM Modi’s Double Engine; Calls It Trouble Engine

Lalu Yadav is almost back in the game. The Rashtriya Janta Dal leader will be out and about on 9th November.

Lalu Yadav slams PM Modi over his Double Engine government comment. Lalu called it Trouble Engine. Double Engine being implied to NDA and Nitish Kumar’s JDU. 

RDJ bigwig Lalu Yadav will be released from jail on 9th of November. He on Sunday tweeted mocking the Prime Minister about his comments ahead of the second phase of Bihar Elections.

“It is a trouble engine, not a double engine. Where was the double engine while bringing back the trapped workers in the lockdown?” the RJD chief posted on Twitter.

The context of the tweet is that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said on his rally that the NDA and Nitish Kumar’ JDU are double engine while also taking a jab at Tejashwi Yadav and Rahul Gandhi.

“NDA’s double-engine government is committed to development, but ‘double-double Yuvraj’ are only concerned about protecting their respective thrones,” he said, referring to Lalu Yadav’s son Tejashwi Yadav and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

The rally was held in Chapra which is famous as Lalu Yadav’s bastion.

A Little Back Drop

For the less informed, Tesjashwi Yadav is the son of Lalu Yadav. He along with the Congress has formed Mahagatbandhan and Tejashwi is their Chief Minister candidate. Yadav is directly competing against Nitish Kumar who has the backing of the BJP and hence the Prime Minister.

Lalu Yadav will be granted bail on the 9th of November which is Tejashwi’s birthday and the 10th will decide who will be the Chief Minister next.

According to Tejashwi Yadav, the day Lalu come in will be the day Nitish will say farewell.

Nitish Kumar who was confident in his win is now a nervous wreck as he is in fear of losing his position. This fear is palpable and can be seen on all the rallies he holds and speeches he gives. This nervousness is also echoed in the NDA which supports Nitish Kumar.

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Tejashwi Yadav was the underdog and now seems to be neck to neck in the competition. His winning could be encouraging to all the parties as the all powerful BJP loses.

The Bihar elections could be a new wave of change or be the same is yet to be seen.

November 10th is sure going to be a monumental day.

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