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Kunal Kamra To Invite MNS Leader Raj Thackeray On His Show ‘Shut Up Ya Kunal’?

Kunal Kamra tweeted an invite to MNS leader Raj Thackeray to grace up his online chat show ‘Shut Up Ya Kunal’.

Kunal Kamra has recently become the talk of the town owing to the video of him heckling Journalist Arnab Goswami which went viral. The video has got the Twitterratis divided into opinions but Kamra is still hogging the limelight.

Kamra’s online series of chat episodes “Shut Up Ya Kunal” is well known to everyone. He previously had invited guests like lyricists Javed Akhtar, journalist Ravish Kumar, and JNU student Kanhaiya Kumar. Kamra who known for his political awareness and taking digs on Narendra Modi led Government has been flooded with requests by the users to invite MNS leader Raj Thackeray. As everyone knows Raj Thackeray is very vocal about Modi Government and its policies. And now it seems as if many fans wish is to be granted.

Kunal Kamra took on his Twitter handle to tweet an invite to Raj Thackeray. He asked him to spare some time and be a guest on “Shut Up Ya Kunal”. He even bribed Raj Thackeray with his favorite food item that is the Vada Pav sold near Kirti College, Mumbai.

Kamra wrote, “Sir @RajThackeray…Abhi toh date de do mujhe For all the people who think I’ve to not hussle to get guests on my podcast… here’s how much I do & I’m willing do even more to produce good content for you guys… Because I love you :).”

Followed by a request letter that read, “As I have done my research and found out you are a big fan of Kirti College vada pav, here I am trying to bribe you with one of your favorite food items so that you could come to my podcast.”

Raj Thackeray is yet to react on Kunal’s tweet but it will be interesting to see an outspoken political leader on the online show.

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