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Kanjumarg Project: CM Feels Centre Is Trying To Stall Development

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray has hardened his stance on the Kanjumarg land.

The Maharashtra CM in a webcast said that the Centre is trying to purposefully stall development projects in Mumbai.The Kanjumarg project is a bone of contention between the two governments. The metro 3 car shed project is coming up on the land of Kanjumarg.

The Chief Minister slammed the BJP for opposing the shift of the said project from the green lung Aarey to Kanjumarg.

“Recently it was said that the land in Kanjurmarg where the (metro 3) car shed project was shifted to is a salt pan land…You are attempting to stall the development projects in Mumbai,” Thackeray said while referring to the Centre’s letter asking the state government not to go ahead with the project at the new location. 

Uddhav Thackeray also said that Maharashtra haters are trying very hard to project the state in a bad light. They are targeting the every lit Mumbai with dirty politics. The Centre is trying to project Maharashtra as a hub for drugs and narcotics farming.

“Maharashtra-haters ran a defamation campaign against the state to malign its image. They tried to paint Maharashtra as a lawless state where farming of drugs and narcotic substances happens. 

The BJP and state government are at odds over the project since the state government has decided to move it to Kanjumarg. Thackeray also said an array of attempts were made to create hurdles in the development of the state, but they all were unsuccessful.

“But, the fact is that we received investments worth crores of rupees for which MoUs were signed, and now work would also start soon,” said the chief minister who heads the triad government of the Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress. While MoUs worth Rs 17,000 crore were signed in June this year, deals of Rs 35,000 crore were inked recently, the CM added. 

The Chief Minister is also hopeful that this will create employment opportunities in a variety of sectors including electronics and logistics. He estimates that it will help at the very least 23,182 people.

“In the next few years, Maharashtra will become the hub of logistics and data,” the CM concluded.

Thackeray also spoke about the success of “My family, my responsibility” campaign against Covid-19. The campaign ran between September 15 and October 24 in two phases.

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He said 99 per cent of the population in the state was covered under the campaign. 

“Our health workers covered 2.74 crore households and detected more than 51,000 Covid-19 patients,” the CM said, adding that the drive may be relaunched in December

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