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Kaali Poster Row: Leena Manimekalai Posts New Image Ft. Shiva & Parvati Smoking Cigarettes

Amid the ongoing controversy around the 'Kaali poster', Leena Manimekalai has tweeted another image that shows people dressed up as Lord Shiva and Parvati while they smoke cigarettes.

Filmmaker Leena Manimekalai has made yet another controvesial tweet amid the ongoing “Kaali poster” controversy where she tweeted a poster featuring Goddess Kaali smoking a cigarette. Leena has been facing massive backlash, followed by several FIRs as the poster hurt the religious sentiments of the Hindu community. In her defence, she has shot off a fresh tweet that features two people smoking while dressed in the costumes of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. She captioned it as, ‘Elsewhere…”

The image resembles the controversial Kaali poster that brought Leena into the limelight.

Meanwhile, Twitter India has taken down Leela’s original tweet where she posted the controversial image of Hindu Goddess Kaali. Reacting to this, she slammed Twitter and wrote, “This is hilarous. Will @TwitterIndia withhold the tweets of the 200000 hate mongers?! These lowlife trolls tweeted and spread the very same poster that they find objectionable. Kaali cannot be lynched. Kaali cannot be raped. Kaali cannot be destroyed. She is the goddess of death.”

Leena refuses to step back, saying, “These trolls are after my artistic freedom. If I give away my freedom fearing this mindless rightwing mob mafia, I will give away everyone’s freedom. So I will keep it, come what may.”

For the unaware, a few days ago, Leena released the poster for her documentary film Kaali. It shows Goddess Kaali smoking and wielding an LGBTQ pride flag. The poster immediately went viral and received immense backlash from Hindus and several political parties too jumped into it.

Manimekalai claims that the documentary was about a woman strolling in the streets of Canada’s Toronto. However, several right-wing groups took offence and multiple complaints were lodged against her.

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