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Jungle Raj Ka Yuvraj; Prime Minister Took A Direct Hit At Tejashwi Yadav

Tejaswi Yadav is top competitor for the Chief Minister’s position and is directly against BJP backed Nitish Kumar.

‘Jungle Raj Ka Yuvraj’ these were the words Prime Minister Modi used to describe RDJ’s leader Tejaswi Yadav.

In what is a first for the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi took a direct hit at the young leader.

The PM was rallying in Muzaffarpur for the second time where he got aggressive in his speeches. He reminded the people of the 15 year rule of Tejashwi Yadav’s parents. Lalu Yadav and Rabri devi ruled Bihar for 15 years. The opposition feels that it was a dark chapter for the states.

“People of Bihar do not keep any expectations from the “Yuvraj Of Jungle Raj” (Crown prince of the jungle raj) owing to their previous track record,” PM Modi said. “He ought to be evaluated on the basis of a track record about which the people know much better than I do,” added the Prime Minister.

“Forget about jobs in the public sector. Even private companies giving jobs will flee,” PM Modi said, directly mocking Tejashwi Yadav’s promise of 10 lakh jobs at his first cabinet meeting, which was said to be the big draw in his rallies.

“Companies will shut down their offices and run away. Extortion calls will be made by those patronised by the party which has a copyright over kidnappings,” PM Modi said.

This was in reference to the allegations of lawlessness and high crime rate during Lalu Yadav’s rule.

“People are well-aware of their (the RJD’s) activities, and if they return to power, at the time of a pandemic, people of Bihar will have to face double trouble,” he concluded.

The fact that the Prime Minster has resorted to personal attacks is a sign. It is an indication to the growing nervousness of BJP, which leads Bihar in alliance with Nitish Kumar.

The Previous Attack

This attack comes a day after Tejashwi Yadav responded to Nitish Kumar’s personal attacks on his family.

The Chief Minister said,”They have eight-nine children. They have no faith in daughters. After so many daughters, they had a son. You all can see – this is the kind of Bihar they want to make.”

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To which the young leader responded with a quip towards the Prime Minister. He also said that such attacks hurt the women and his family and that he should instead be focusing in important topics like corruption, unemployment and inflation.

“By commenting on my family, Nitish Kumar is targeting PM Modi as he also has six siblings,” Tejashwi Yadav had responded.

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