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IPS Officer Trolled For Calling Fire Crackers Not A Hindu Tradition

IPS Officer Roopa Moudgil had shared a Facebook post where she had debunked the theory of firecrackers.

Karnataka IPS Officer trolled for posting on Facebook. D Roopa Moudgil had taken to the social media platform to post her views on the ban of firecrackers in many states of India. There are high levels of pollution and people health at stake. Bursting crackers would also impact Bengaluru’s green cover.

She tried explaining that the bursting firecrackers had nothing to do with Hinduism or Diwali. Moudgil further added that there was no mention of it in the scriptures or vedas.

“For those who cry victim that this is done to Hindus, well, crackers were not there during early and later Vedic age; there is no mention of crackers in our epics and Puranas. Crackers came into this country with Europeans. It is no core tradition or custom related to Hinduism.”

After this post, several Twitter users started questioning her motives and also questioned her with regards to other religions’s customs. If she questioned them too.

The Twitter handle ‘True Indology’ claimed that crackers have been mentioned in ancient scriptures of India. Roopa refuted the claim and asked True Indology for evidence to support what it said. Hours later, the ‘True Indology’ handle was suspended.

This did not go down well with Twitter users as they started trolling her.

Her trollers included the every present in every conversation Kangana Ranaut. Ranaut, who like every other thing on the planet, obviously had views on this too.

She protested the suspension of ‘True Indology’ handle, questioning the social media platform’s abrupt move. Ranaut claimed that officer Roopa “became so vengeful that if she couldn’t win the arguments with facts she simply got @TIinExile eliminated”. Following this, #BringBackTrueIndology started trending on Twitter.

For all those who were questioning her silence,D Roopa on Wednesday tweeted that “there’s a life beyond Twitter.” She further added that, “As a Govt official,I will first say follow Laws,Rules made by elected legislature, enforced by executive. U r free to question them in judiciary. Not twitter. Have respect for 3 pillars of State as envisaged by Constitution of this democratic country. For disseminating info abt an Order of Govt, a decision taken at highest level (not my personal opinion/order) u try to silence an official. For what? Do u expect me to say don’t follow govt order? Sorry folks, that’s not going to happen,” she tweeted.

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Several states had imposed partial and complete bans of firecrackers this Diwali in view of the COVID-19 situation. 

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