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Here are 5 Best Ways To Spend Eid In Lockdown

The coronavirus has changed the festive course. As the government has placed shelter-in-place orders and declarations of a state health emergency, events can not gather in groups. Despite these restrictions, here are 5 best ways to celebrate the eid festival and connect with loved ones. Read more below.

Considering the coronavirus pandemic causes governments around the world to enforce lockdowns and curfews, it can be difficult to celebrate festival Eid al-Fitr as we are in lockdown in most parts of India and other countries too but that doesn’t mean we do not celebrate Eid with joy and creativity.

There are important Eid Sunnahs (Tradition) that we should all aspire to fulfill. Then there are few basic yet exciting activities which even in our current situation will make the day enjoyable. Check out below:

1. Clean and decorate your house beforehand

With Balloons, banners and lights make your home look festive. This will give you eid vibes as well as you get a good background for your selfies. 

2. Begin Your Day With Dua (Prayer) And Sadaqa(Charity)

Start your Eid Day with Dua and make an online donation to your charity fund. Give whatever you can afford, and thank Allah for this chance, and for the many blessings that you have been able to enjoy despite the difficult circumstances.

3. Zoom Or Facetime With Your Near And Dear Ones

Visiting relatives and wishing them a blessed holiday, during Eid, is a common tradition for Muslims. However, larger gatherings are no longer healthy due to coronavirus. Individuals can instead celebrate with family members and friends by calling them through video calls.

4. Take A Break From Sweat Pants And Dress Up

While for many, sweatpants have become the unofficial quarantine wardrobe of preference, forgo them for something new, or at least for Eid, dress a bit traditional and festive. Whether you want to go out or not, this is part of the Sunnah (tradition).

5. Bake Eid Cookies Cook Biryani And Sheer Khurma And Enjoy It With Famjam

Desserts are a very essential element of Eid celebrations! All the members of a household can come together to make their own desserts for a fun activity. Biryani can be the best option for lunch or dinner, this time look for a different style of making or recipe than usual.

Be sure to take precautionary measures and keep a safe distance, keep sanitizing yourself so you and your families are safe.

Eid Mubarak!

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