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Double Double Yuvraj: PM Modi Slams Opposition

Prime Minister Modi on Sunday invoked deities Sun God ‘Chath’ and Ganga ‘Maiya’ in a bid to seek votes for the NDA.

PM Modi had slammed the opposition in a last attempt to gather votes. He called them Double Double Yuvraj. The opposition consists of Tejashwi Yadav and  Rahul Gandhi. Tejashwi Yadav is the main competitor to incumbent Nitish Yadav.

Rahul Gandhi heads Congress which backs Tejashwi Yadav’s RDJ party. Hence the Double Double Yuvraj Jibe.

The Prime Minister has been getting very aggressive in his attacks towards the opposition as there is growing nervousness regarding the Bihar Elections.

Narendra Modi’s Speech

“Here there is a ‘yuvraj’ (crown prince) of jungle raj (lawlessness)…and an another ‘yuvraj’ (obliquely referring to Mr. Gandhi) too has come to wave hands at people of Bihar… earlier this double-double ‘yuvraj’ were also in elections in neighbouring Uttar Pradesh…but what happened in U.P. to these double-double ‘yuvraj’ will happen to them in Bihar as well,” Mr. Modi said at Chhapra while addressing the first of his four public meetings scheduled in different districts of Bihar.

“Those people who were not happy with the martyrdom of our brave soldiers in Pulwama, have come to Bihar to seek your vote. Keep those people away for safe future of Bihar,” he said.

He went ahead and got deities ‘Chhath’ and ‘Ganga maiya’ involved in his speech to gather votes from people of Bihar, he said: “Till ‘Chhath’ and Diwali no poor people will go hungry…you ‘meri maa’ (O my mother) prepare for ‘Chhath’ puja as your son is there in Delhi”.

Chhath is a festival celebrated in Bihar for around four days. It is very popular and falls on the third week of November.

“Even during COVID-19 pandemic period the NDA government ensured that no one should go hungry…we’d opened food-grain storehouses to ensure food at every household of poor people for the last eight months, and will ensure it to be opened till ‘Chhath’ puja,” he said.

Even the River Ganga made an appearance in the Prime Minister’s speech.

“River Ganga was flowing even before we came to power but we made its water clean and pure in which mothers can observe ‘Chhath’ puja…don’t you think business can be done by plying ships in river Ganga?…we’ve started this project and work is going on”, he said.

The Opposition

The PM went ahead and bashed the previous government of RDJ. 

Mr. Modi said that earlier mothers used to warn their children no to go out as they were worried over their children being kidnapped for ransom.

“Do you want return of the same government in the State?”, he asked the audience.

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He appealed to the people to vote for “Nitish Kumar-led NDA with a huge mandate for an all-round development in the State and country as well”.

“The NDA government works without any discrimination and it works for everyone. If Bihar has to be saved from ‘bimari’ (diseases), don’t vote for them”.

The election results will be out on 10th November.

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