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Delhi Violence: AAP Government Considers Issuing WhatsApp Number For Filling Complaints

"An official will screen all complaints and genuine ones will be forwarded to the police for necessary action", sources say.

On Saturday the sources said that the Delhi Government is considering issuing a WhatsApp number on which people can complain about hate messages being circulated on the instant messaging app following the riots that claimed 42 lives in northeast Delhi.

They said that the government should appeal to the people to not forward any such message because it is a crime to transmit any material that causes enmity among communities.

The step is aimed at countering social media rumors.

“If anyone receives any such material, he can immediately make a complaint to Delhi government stating the name and number of the person who forwarded that message,” added the sources.

The Government is considering providing a WhatsApp number on which one can register such complaints.

An official will review all the complaints made and will then forward legitimate complaints to the police for necessary action, the sources said.

Meanwhile, the violence in Delhi has been tamed down, but certain messages of hatred are being shared on social media especially WhatsApp which might add fuel to the already burning issue.

The violence in the nation’s capital is because of the anti-CAA protests that began in mid-December with the amended citizenship law being linked to update of the NPR and NRC. The narrative that troubled many were that the combination of CAA, NPR and NRC was aimed at one particular community.

The riots in Delhi are mostly considered to be communal and surely it has caused a lot of damage to the nation as a whole.

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