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Coronavirus outbreak: Swiggy takes a much needed step

With an increasing number of positive cases of coronavirus, Swiggy issues an advisory for its customers, employees, and partners.

The number of Coronavirus cases is increasing each day. In such an alarming situation, people were worried about how safe is the food at restaurants. Though it is clear that the virus can’t be passed on through food, if served by an infected person could definitely make you a target of the deadly virus. 

Food ordering and delivery app Swiggy has stepped up to spread awareness and to ensure a clean and hygienic environment for its customers, employees, and partners. It has sent out an advisory to all its customers updating them about the proactive measures they have taken to deal with the novel virus.

It mentions that “the safety of our customers, employees, delivery partners and restaurant partners has always been a matter of top priority for us – now more than ever before”.

Their delivery partners are being trained in best practices of respiratory hygiene, proper method and frequency of washing hands and identification of associated symptoms.

“Should a delivery partner notice any associated symptoms, they’ve been asked to immediately reach out to us (Swiggy) and consult a medical professional,” the statement read.

The app has also briefed the restaurant partners to practice hygiene while preparing food and packaging them. 

Last week, the food delivery app Zomato took to Twitter to spread awareness about coronavirus and stressed the importance of washing hands. 

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