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Comedian Munawar Faruqui Intimidates Fans On Quitting His Career Again!

Well known for his controversial remarks, Stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui took to his Instagram on Sunday to hint to the audience the 'end' of his career after his Bengaluru show gets canceled.

If you are into Indian Stand up comedy, Munawar Faruqui is the name you must be familiar with. The 29-year-old Comedian, in his 4-year career, has already landed in quite some controversies with his recurring proactive remarks in his acts. His recent show titled ‘Dongri to Nowhere’ which he was supposed to perform at the Good Shepherd Auditorium in Bengaluru was called off by the Bengaluru police, owing to ‘Law And Order issues”. This is perhaps the second time that the comedian’s show has been called off. He also shares how his 12 shows were called off in the last 2 months as it posed threat to the venue and the audience. On Sunday, Munawar shared a tweet thanking his audience for his time as a comedian and hinted that maybe this could be the end of his career.
“Nafrat jeet gai, Artist haar gaya. I’m done! Goodbye. INJUSTICE”
captioned Farooqui along with sharing a post on Instagram citing reasons for his decision. Apparently, the comedian claims that the funds generated from this show would’ve been sent to the Late actor Puneeth Rajkumar’s Organization for charity. However, now that the show is canceled, Munawar cites that this is an ‘Unfair’ move, claiming that he has been put into jail for the jokes he never did.

In February 2021 too, the young comedian had hinted at quitting comedy when he uploaded a video titled ‘Leaving comedy’ after he was arrested over a joke and had spent almost a month in Indore jail on charges of ‘Insulting Hindu gods and goddesses’ during one of his performances. However, the video came across as a joke, Munawar’s attempt at mocking people. In his latest move too, the comedian withdrew his decision of quitting comedy again, against his previous claims and posted a picture on Instagram captioning
“Entertainment aata rehega. #dongritohearts”

One thing for sure, this at least leaves the audience wondering if at all, to trust Munawar on his words and to what extent the comedian’s future claims on his career should be considered true, with him constantly counterclaiming his own claims. Genuine confessions or frequent publicity gimmicks to gain attention? Well, we leave that to your opinion!

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