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BJP And Congress Members Push, Shove Each Other In Lok Sabha

On the topic of Delhi violence, members of Congress and BJP push and shove each other read below.

Leaders of the BJP and Congress pushed and shoved each other in Lok Sabha on Monday as the opposition members fiercely protested over the issue of violence in Delhi and demanded Home Minister Amit Shah‘s resignation. As soon as the House met at 2 pm, members of the opposition started raising slogans against the ruling government.

They then the opposition members went into the region of treasury benches bearing a black banner, which demanded Amit Shah’s resignation, as Speaker Om Birla continued with the proceedings of the House. That angered many members of the BJP, including many from backbenches, to rush against members of the Congress. Members from both sides then began to push and shoot each other after which the hearings were adjourned till 3 PM and then for the day.

Rajya Sabha’s proceedings were also postponed for the day after the whole opposition vocally protested about the question of communal violence in the national capital, with members claiming the government was sleeping while Delhi was burning.

The Lok Sabha remains adjourned until 11 am tomorrow. Speaker Om Birla says, “I am very upset about what happened in House. I cannot conduct the House in such circumstances. The House is adjourned until tomorrow.”

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