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An Accident Victim In Odisha Bleeds To Death As Passerby Get Busy Taking Pictures, Record Videos

An accident victim bled to death in Odisha’s Bhadrak district after the locals and passerby start clicking pictures and record videos instead of helping. Read below.

Two men traveling on a bike were hit by a cement-laden truck on the National Highway 16 near Sahapur Chowk in Odisha. One of them got critically injured and was bleeding in the middle of the road.

But instead of helping the accident victim, the onlookers and the passerby started clicking pictures and recording videos of the poor fellow laying on the road unconscious. The victim was in dire need of medical help after the fatal incident but the carelessness of the people around eventually led to his death.

Locals and the passerby soon gathered at the accident spot but none came forward to rescue the injured. The injured pleaded for help for over 30 minutes before taking his last breath.

The police came later and took the victim to the local hospital after getting the information about the accident. But he was declared dead by the hospital.

The mere need for attention on social media cost someone their life. This shameful act is indeed a bad remark on the face of humanity. The quickness of the onlookers could have saved the life but sadly the fatal incident took away life.

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