Hong Kong Superstar Jackie Chan Affected By CORONAVIRUS??

Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan assures fans that he’s not affected by Coronavirus and thank fans for sending him facemasks.

It has been reported that coronavirus has infected more than 80 thousand people worldwide and at least 2800 people have died due to the deadly virus. The reports even suggest that the virus has taken over Hong Kong and has infected more than 100 people in the country.

However, there were speculations that Hong Kong-based megastar Jackie Chan has been placed under quarantine for COVID-19. When the news reached out to the actor, he swiftly dismissed the rumors and wrote, “Recently, my staff told me about the news that’s been circulating around the world, saying that I’ve been placed under quarantine for COVID-19.

Firstly, I’d like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” for everybody’s concern! I’m very healthy and safe, and haven’t been quarantined. I’ve received many messages from friends asking if I’m ok. Your love and concern is so heartwarming. Thank you!”

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Thanks for everybody’s concern! I’m safe and sound, and very healthy. Please don’t worry, I’m not in quarantine. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy too!

A post shared by Jackie Chan 成龍 (@jackiechan) on Feb 27, 2020 at 2:46am PST

He further thanked his fans for sending him facemasks, “I’ve also received some very special gifts from fans all over the world during this very difficult time. Thank you for the face masks. Your thoughtfulness is well received! And I’ve asked my lovely staff to donate your kindness through official organizations to those who need it most.”

Recently, the 65-year-old star offered a reward of 1 million yuan for the development of a cure. His latest film “Vanguard” was even pulled out of China due to concerns that coronavirus would spread to moviegoers in theaters.

The news about him infected socialized through a video in which, the actor was seen dining and singing with top Police officials. People questioned why the guests were not wearing facemasks due to the virus outbreak and that’s when a netizen asserted that 60 people, including Chan, had been quarantined, as there were four confirmed cases of coronavirus at the same hotel they were dining.