Here’s How Kapil Dev’s Advice Helped Rahul Dravid Post His Retirement

Rahul Dravid recalled the time when Kapil Dev gave him a piece of advice right after his retirement and how it helped him. Kapil Dev asked Dravid to commit to doing anything instead of telling him to explore his options. Read below to know more.

India’s batting legend Rahul Dravid remembered the advice given to him by team India’s former World Cup-winning skipper Kapil Dev and how it helped him after his retirement. Dravid said that it was the advice from Kapil Dev that eventually inspired him for taking up the coaching job of India A and Under-19 sides.

Speaking of the same Dravid said that he was fortunate enough that at the back end of his career, he was already in a captain-cup-coach position of IPL side Rajasthan Royals.

In a conversation with India women’s team coach WV Raman on his YouTube channel ‘Inside Out’, Dravid said, “After I finished (playing), there were quite a few options and I was not sure what to do. It was Kapil Dev who gave me this advice actually when I was coming to the end of my career.”

Recalling the memories Dravid said that he bumped into Kapil Dev somewhere and he said, “Rahul, don’t commit to doing anything straightaway, go out and spend a few years just exploring and doing different things and see what you really like.”  And that piece of advice stayed with him always.

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Dravid revealed that the former captain initially liked doing commentary, but later found himself getting disconnected from the game. Rahul said, “…the thing that gave me the most satisfaction was really being involved in the game and being connected with the boys. I really liked the coaching side of things and I got sort of involved in that when the opportunity came up to do some coaching with India A and Under-19.”

Meanwhile, Dravid feels like he made the right choice and it was a good place to start. He said that he has enjoyed being the coach and he feels satisfied by the same.

For the unversed, Rahul Dravid started his cricket career in 1996 and throughout his journey till 2012 he had piled up 13, 288 runs. He was India’s most reliable batsman back then and was even called ‘The Wall’ for being present on the crease without giving away his wicket and being a headache to the bowlers.

Rahul Dravid now has become an inspiration to the budding cricketers in India and they all flourish under his watchful eyes.

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