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Handwara Martyr Colonel Ashutosh Sharma Had Joined Indian Army in 13th Attempt

Colonel Ashutosh Rana laid down his life fighting terrorists in Handwara, Jammu and Kashmir. He always dreamt of becoming an Army Officer and serve the nation. He failed 12 times until finally succeeding in 13th attempt to join the Army. It took him six and a half years to finally make it to the Army.

His elder brother, who works for a pharmaceutical company in Jaipur told a news portal, “It was like my way of highway for him. His only dream was Army and nothing else.”

He further told, “He had waged a war to join the Army some way or the other till he finally achieved success in his 13th attempt. From that day, there was no looking back for Ashu.”

He also told that his younger son will join the Army just like Colonel Ashutosh Sharma.

He further recalled a conversation he had with him a day before he lost his life. He told, “It was the Raising Day of Rashriya Rifles and he informed us about how they had celebrated it amid COVID-19 pandemic. I used to caution him many a times and he had fixed a standard reply ‘Mujhe Kuch Nahi Hoga bhaiya;. Wish I knew that I was speaking to him for the last time, I would not have ended the call at all.”

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Colonel Ashutosh Sharma was among the five security force personnel who were killed during an encounter with terrorists in Handwara, Jammu and Kashmir.

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