Glenmark to launch 400mg dosage of COVID-19 drug FabiFlu to reduce pill burden

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals on Thursday announced it will launch a 400 mg version of its oral antiviral FabiFlu for the treatment of mild-to-moderate COVID-19 patients. It currently sells the 200 mg version at ₹75 per tablet.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals on Thursday said it will present a 400 mg rendition of oral antiviral FabiFlu® for getting mellow moderate instances of Covid-19 in India. The higher quality will improve quiet consistence and experience by viably lessening the number of tablets required per understanding, an announcement gave on Thursday said.

Higher pill trouble has been related with lower adherence to treatment, the last influencing viral concealment and generally speaking treatment results. Lessening the pill trouble has likewise been an interest of specialists and patients to empower adherence. The 200 mg dose of FabiFlu expected patients to take 18 tablets on Day 1 (nine toward the beginning of the day and nine at night), trailed by eight tablets every day from that point for a limit of 14 days.

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With the 400 mg variant, patients will currently need to take nine Tablets on Day 1 (4.5 in the first part of the day and 4.5 at night), and two tablets from that point, two times per day, till the finish of the course.

Dr Monika Tandon, VP and head, clinical turn of events, worldwide forte/marked portfolio, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd, stated, “Presenting this higher quality of FabiFlu is in accordance with these endeavours to guarantee a smoother experience for patients by decreasing their day by day pill trouble.”