Donald Trump says US leading world in COVID-19 testing, India second

The United States is leading the world in terms of COVID-19 testing and India is at the second position, US President Donald Trump said. "We're doing a tremendous amount of testing," he said.

The United States is leading the world regarding Covid-19 testing and India is at the second position, President Donald Trump said while giving a report on his organization’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic.

So unmistakably in excess of 140,000 Americans have died due to coronavirus and 3.8 million have tested positive. While the US Economy is gradually returning to ordinary, the pandemic is currently spreading in the Sun Belt of the nation.

“As one family, we grieve each valuable life that has been lost. I promise in their respect that we will build up a Vaccine and we will overcome the infection. We’re doing very well with vaccine improvement and therapeutic development,” Trump said at a White House news conference on Tuesday, his first on coronavirus following half a month.

Trump additionally said his organization will persevere relentlessly to spare lives and shield the powerless.

“We’ve found out such a great amount about this ailment. Also, we know who the helpless are, and we are going to be sure shield them,” he said.

Trump guaranteed that the vaccine against the novel Coronavirus will become a ton sooner than anticipated.

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Answering an inquiry, Trump said the US is “driving the world” as far as Covid-19 testing.

“We will be more than 50 million tests,” he stated, including that “second nation is India with 12 million (tests). At that point you have 7,000,000, 6,000,000, and 4,000,000. I imagine that we are doing a gigantic measure of testing.” The “China infection”, Trump stated, is a horrible and perilous disease.

“It’s an awful, horrendous malady that should’ve never been permitted to get away from China, however, it did. It contaminated the world, and the world is languishing. Be that as it may, we will get it dealt with, and we’re helping bunches of different nations,” the US president said.

On handling the infection, Trump said his organization is building up an amazing methodology.

“We’ve taken in a lot about it (Covid-19) and who it targets. We are building up a technique that will be extremely, ground-breaking,” he said.

“A few zones of our nation are doing quite well; others are doing less well. It will most likely, sadly, deteriorate before it improves,” Trump said.

He said the middle age of the individuals who capitulate to Covid-19 contamination is 78 years, including that generally 50% of the sum total of what passings have been people in nursing homes or in long haul care.

“Youthful grown-ups may regularly have gentle or even no side effects. They won’t realize they’re wiped out. They won’t have any thought that they have an infection. They won’t have any thought whatsoever,” he stated, including that young will act dependably.

Trump said the information shows youngsters have the most minimal casualty hazard as 99.96 percent of all infection fatalities are grown-ups.

“By understanding these hazard profiles and figuring out how to treat the sickness, we’ve had the option to enormously diminish mortality in the United States,” Trump said. A few medicines are as of now accessible in the US that can altogether decrease the seriousness and term of the malady, including Remdesivir, he said.

“We’ve learned accepted procedures for the treatment of the infection at each stage and have imparted these discoveries to clinical suppliers, and we’ve shared them everywhere throughout the world. The relationship with different nations has been solid. We’re all cooperating,” Trump said.