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‘Wear a mask only if..’: Government issues new guidelines on coronavirus

According to the fresh guidelines by the Health Ministry, not everyone needs to wear a mask.

India has confirmed 147 positive cases of COVID-19 so far. The rapidly increasing numbers have prompted the government to take every precautionary measure on a national and state level and to spread awareness among the masses. The Health Ministry has also issued a fresh set of guidelines on wearing masks which is one of the most demanded commodities after the coronavirus outbreak. 

Initially, people were advised to wear masks in public spaces, but according to the new guideline, not everyone needs to wear a mask. 

One needs to wear a mask, only if:

1- You have symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever or difficulty in breathing)

2- You are caring for a Covid-19 suspect/confirmed patient

3- You are a health worker attending to patients with respiratory symptoms

The  Ministry has also given a procedure on how to handle the masks. 

1- Avoid touching the mask while using it

2- Never reuse disposable masks and dispose the used masks into closed bins after disinfecting them

3- Unfold pleats of the mask; make sure that they are facing down

4- Change the mask after six hours or as soon as it becomes wet

5- Place the mask over your nose, mouth and chin and ensure there are no gaps on either side of the mask. Adjust to fit.

6- Do not touch the potentially contaminated outer surface of the mask while removing it

7- Do not leave the mask hanging from the neck

8- After removal of the mask, clean your hands with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand rub disinfectant

The Indian government has declared masks and sanitizers an essential commodity till the end of June to battle the spread of Coronavirus and also to stop the overpricing of these things. 

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