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Coronavirus Update: China Marks Deadliest Day As Confirmed Cases Top 20,000

The death toll rises as China confirms 20,000 more cases positive for novel coronavirus.

The spread of Novel Coronavirus shows no sign of stopping, as China reports yet another major spike in both confirmed cases and death in the Wuhan region, the epicenter of the outbreak.

As of Tuesday morning, the total number of confirmed cases China stands at 20,438 that is an increase of 3,235 more than yesterday. This is a jump of over 18-19%. The death toll is now at 425 in China, an increase of around 65 from Sunday.

Outside China, the prevalence of virus far lower, but in over 12 countries and territories more than 185 cases have been reported. Till now only 2 deaths have been registered outside mainland China, one in the Philippines and second in Hong Kong.

In a recent meeting, Chinese President Xi Jinping called the virus outbreak “a major test of China’s system and capacity governance.” This statement of the President came in regards to the extended Lunar New Year holiday and growing concerns about China’s overall economy.

According to the reports, Xi showed frustration regarding the failure to rein over the virus, and the slow response from the Wuhan officials because some of them have decided to resign over the handling of the crisis.

Xi also demanded an immediate improvement in the country’s emergency management system to combat the deadly outbreak before it causes further damage.

Novel Coronavirus has become a Worldwide Crises and the health authorities are willingly participating in finding a cure for the disease but till that time many people are going to fall victim to it.

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