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Coronavirus: Reports Claiming Swans And Dolphins Re-Emerging In Venice Canals are FAKE

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak happened, the earth has seen major changes and we can actually see a greater difference in climate and air seems cleaner than ever. However, recently there were some news making rounds on the internet in which netizens claimed that dolphins, fishes, and swans returning in Italy’s Venice canals, while the news of elephants passing out in a tea garden’s of Yunnan Province in China has also been shared by many.

This news went viral in no time and people actually thought animals are now roaming free in the humanless world but actually these information is fake.

Going by the reports, the swans frequently show up in the canals of Burano, while the dolphins were not filmed at Venice but the video is from a port in Sardinia, which is hundreds of miles away from Venice. No one has figured out where the drunken elephant photos came from, but a Chinese news report suggested that elephants did come through a village in Yunnan, but reports about them being drunk and pass out in a tea field are very much fake.

According to a news report by ABC News, “The water was clearer, though not necessarily cleaner, due to a lockdown-related reduction in boat traffic, which typically kicks sediment to the surface” and makes it murkier.”

A twitter user named Kaveri Ganapathy Ahuja, from New Delhi was the first person who tweeted about the swans, she wrote, “Here’s an unexpected side effect of the pandemic – the water’s flowing through the canals of Venice is clear for the first time in forever. The fish are visible, the swans returned.”

However, when people complained about her tweet being fake, she didn’t delete the post rather than argued that it’s still relevant because waters in Venice are clearer than usual as she has visited the city and said it stinks.

There is so much fake news that is spreading like a wildfire but a bunch of news about mother nature hitting a reset button or animals roaming free doesn’t harm anyone, rather it’s a positivity which everyone needs in this time of crisis.

The people of Italy are currently in lockdown as the country has recorded the most number of coronavirus cases and lots of deaths. But the citizens doesn’t seems to losing hope as there have been videos circulating on the internet about the residents singing songs and playing musical instruments from their balconies.

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