Coronavirus News: Jharkhand extends lockdown till July 31 amid COVID-19 pandemic

In a major development Jharkhand government on Friday, has extended the current lockdown limited to containment zones till July 31.

In a major development, Jharkhand government on Friday has extended the current lockdown limited to containment zones till July 31. The directive issued by the state government states all activities permitted prior to this order will remain permitted. The state has 2262 cases and 12 deaths- of which 645 are active cases.

Jharkhand extends lockdown till July 31

The state has prohibited the opening of religious places, cinema halls, gyms, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, bars, social/political/sports/entertainment/academic/cultural functions, schools and other educational institutions, intrastate – interstate travel by bus, shopping bus, hotels/ restaurants (dine-in), spas/salons/barbershops. The state has also released guidelines for shops, workplaces, people and transport. Jharkhand is the second state after West Bengal to extend the Lockdown.

Jharkhand: 5 suicides per day

Reports state that 449 people have died by suicide in March, April, and up to June 25, as per state government data. 134 people have reportedly died due to suicide in June itself. Psychiatrists say that depression due to lockdown has made a deep impact on the minds of the people. Ranchi itself reported 55 suicides from April 1 to June 25 – mainly due to economic slowdown, fear of losing jobs, unemployment, insecurity, state psychiatrists.

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Jharkhand battles COVID-19

The first case of the pandemic was reported from Hindpiri on March 31, when a 22-year-old Malaysian woman, who had been to Delhi’s Tablighi Jamaat congregation, tested positive. The state had also maintained restrictions in place across the state in spite of the Centre’s lifting of restrictions across India. Moreover, the state has seen a sudden surge in cases due to the arrival of lakhs of migrant laborers via buses and Shramik trains. Currently, India’s lockdown is limited to Containment Zones till June 30, with relaxations being implemented in several states. India’s tally stands at 490401 cases with 15,301 fatalities.