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YouTube to launch ‘Super Stickers’ to use during live chats to support creators

Users can purchase YouTube stickers to help support creators. These stickers once purchased can be used in YouTube's chat feature.

YouTube is launching a feature that includes ‘super stickers’ which can be purchased and used in YouTube’s live chat feature to help support creators. These stickers would include a mix of animated foxes, lemons, hippopotamuses and more. These stickers will cost anywhere between 99 cents and $50 while the money will be used to help support the creator of one’s choice.

YouTube will first launch eight separate sticker packs and will also be available in various languages such as English, French, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese. These stickers are being launched following the success of the prior feature where the content creator can buy a message that stands out in a stream’s chat. And just like super chats, these stickers will be used by creators to get more money for their pages, apart from the traditional model of sharing in ad revenue. 

YouTube estimates that more than 100,000 channels are making use of the Super Chat facility while some are even seen earning more than $400 per minute. This move will also enable creators to open up virtual stores on their page that sell merchandise like apparel and more. YouTube’s new membership feature, YouTube Premieres also allows users to view the newly uploaded video, just like how one views a movie premiere.

And though these features are being welcomed with open arms by the creators, YouTube has angered various members last year after their new algorithm tweak was designed to tamp down on toxic content being recommended to children, which indirectly hampered the viewership for some channels.

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