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Google cancels plans to buy Africa’s largest wind farm due to project delay

Google has cancelled its plans to buy 12.5% stake in Africa's largest wind farm because of delay in the project, Danish wind turbine maker Vestas said. Lake Turkana wind farm was set to be ready by 2017 and Google said it would buy the stake from Vestas.

Google’s plans to buy a 12.5% stake in Africa’s largest wind farm have been canceled after delays to the project, Danish wind turbine maker Vestas said on Monday.

The 310 megawatt (MW) Lake Turkana wind farm in Kenya was initially set for completion 2017, after which Google had committed to buy the stake from Vestas.

But the delay led to the cancellation of the deal with Google in 2019, Vestas said.

“Due to delays relating primarily to the transmission line, the Vestas agreement with Google was canceled in 2019,” a Vestas spokesman told Reuters, adding that it was in talks with other potential buyers of the stake.

Google was not immediately available for comment.

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