Amid Lockdown: ONGC reports ₹3,098 crore loss in fourth quarter

ONGC has posted a loss of ₹3,098.3 crore in the fourth quarter ended March 31, compared to ₹4,239.5 crore profit in the same period a year ago. Its revenue from operations fell 19.8% to ₹21,456.2 crore in the quarter.

2nd July 2020 | 12:11 PM (IST)

State-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) on Tuesday reported its first-ever quarterly loss after it took an impairment on the slump in oil and gas prices. 

India's top oil and gas producer reported a ₹3,098 crore loss in the January-March quarter as compared to a profit of ₹4,240 crore in the same period a year back.

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Company Chairman and Managing Director Shashi Shanker said ONGC booked an impairment loss of ₹4,899 crore in the fourth quarter of 2019-20, reflecting valuation of the firm's assets after fall in crude oil prices.

But if not for the impairment, the company would have booked a profit.

An impairment loss is a recognised reduction in the carrying amount of an asset that is triggered by a decline in its fair value.

The same reason also led to the company seeing FY20 net profit halved to ₹13,445 crore from ₹26,765 crore a year back.

Revenue in the fourth quarter fell to ₹21,456 crore from ₹26,759 crore a year earlier.

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Crude oil production was marginally lower at 5.82 million tonnes in January-March as compared to 5.9 million tonnes in the previous fiscal.

Natural gas output fell to 6.04 billion cubic meters from 6.56 bcm in January-March 2019 after demand fell due to the COVID-19 induced lockdown.

Shanker said the company's overseas arm ONGC Videsh Ltd too saw its net profit for FY20 fall to ₹454 crore from ₹1,682 crore after it also took an impairment loss of around ₹3,000 crore.

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2nd July 2020 | 12:11 PM (IST)