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Bihar: Doctor Rapes Pregnant Woman In Corona Isolation Ward

A doctor in Bihar raped a pregnant woman while she was admitted to the corona isolation ward. Read details.

Doctors around the world are risking their lives to cure Coronavirus patients. People are calling them ‘Real Heroes’ for their selfless service during the time of crisis. But a doctor in Bihar has become a dark spot for those in the medical field. It has been reported that a doctor in Gaya, Bihar raped a woman while she was admitted to the Coronavirus Isolation ward. The woman was said to be 2 months pregnant and was admitted into the emergency ward at first due to bleeding. She was later shifted to normal ward and her treatment was going on. She was also checked for coronavirus. 

Pregnant Woman Raped In Corona Isolation Ward:

The doctor who used to go for her regular checkup raped her multiple times in 2 days. It is said that the woman also complained to the guard who told her to remain silent and think about the family’s reputation. 

On the 3rd of April, when she tested negative for Covid-19, she was discharged from the hospital. She underwent miscarriage after coming home and later, she too passed away. Her in-laws have told that her bleeding didn’t stop after returning from the hospital and she was very scared. 

It is said that there was an attempt to suppress the incident, but when it went viral on social media, the chairman of the medical station, Faheem Khan Azad spoke to the family of the victim. The family accused the doctor of rape and demanded strict action against him. Investigation on this case is underway. 

This incident has once again made us question if humanity is still alive. And rightly said, women are safe nowhere, not even in the hospital during the time of a world crisis. 

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