76% of abortion pills are requested by women living in countries with a ban!

In the last few years states especially the US states, who have enact bans on abortions request drugs from an online provider. it is reported that 76% per cent those requests are from states such as Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee and Texas

With the ban placed on abortion drugs, the study estimates more than three-quarters of online requests are made by people from the states that limit access to abortion. Studies suggest that the highest requests were made from Mississippi, as the state bans abortions of women after being pregnant for 18 weeks.

And though all 50 US states request for the drugs, the most common ones are Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, and Texas. While many states, especially in the South are trying to chip away at the landmark Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal in the US at the federal level. Though a state cannot ban abortion, the laws passed are making it difficult for women to access abortions. 

Aiken, an assistant professor of public affairs at UT Austin stated, “These results suggest that state policies restricting access to abortion have made it harder for some people to access care in the clinic setting, and so they look online for alternatives. In both states that have passed many abortion restrictions and states that have passed fewer, people are motivated by a combination of barriers to clinic access and a preference for at-home care.”

All of these bans are challenged or is currently being challenged in courtrooms, while states like North Dakota and Iowa’s scraped off the ban completely. While bans in states like Louisiana, Missouri, Georgia are yet to go into effect. Places where bans aren’t in effect, those states have found ways to make abortions hard to come by. 

With the high volume of requests placed to get the pills, it confirms that there’s a significant demand for at-home medication abortions in the US and thus making it available to them can provide women with much safer options.