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5 Reasons You Should Not Play Holi This Year Amidst Coronavirus

Considering the fear of the rapidly spreading Coronavirus, there is concern that an infection of coronavirus may increase on Holi as people gather at one location on Holi beside this water is also used on a large scale, looking at the water crises at many locations in India it will be a wise the decision to avoid the celebration this year.

There are cases of coronavirus also seen in India. Also, the festival season has come along as well. Holi is an Indian festival celebrated widely. Holi is such a festival where people meet and play with water and colors. Around the same time, the growing number of cases of coronavirus has also become a concern.

But this is difficult as culture and traditions are been followed for years. But when the world’s biggest leaders and health organizations have urged to avoid playing Holi this year now the question arises can you stop yourself on the occasion of Holi. We can understand that this is a very difficult task and that’s why we have 5 simplest reasons to avoid Holi and be safe amidst of Coronavirus outbreak.

Global emergency declared by WHO

On 30 January 2020, the coronavirus outbreak was declared an international public health emergency. That clearly implies that this is serious and everyone has to take possible measures to be safe.

Highly contagious

A delicate but highly contagious virus spreads from person to person around the world, about one-900th the width of a human hair. As is known, the coronavirus has already infected individuals in at least 60 countries.

The Holi products are imported from china

An Assocham survey of about 250 producers, dealers, retailers, and distributors of Holi colors, water guns, and other such goods in India two years ago, India is currently importing 85 percent of toys into the industry annually, 75 percent of which are from China.

Social Gathering is dangerous

Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other top BJP leaders, including Home Minister Amit Shah and party president JP Nadda, tweeted they would not attend any Holi Milan event due to coronavirus spread.

The prime minister tweeted that he would not celebrate Holi as experts have suggested raising large gatherings to prevent coronavirus spreading.

Namaste over handshake

When the whole world has adopted greeting in an Indian style that is Namaste and has been avoiding handshakes and kisses hugs etc. but during the celebration, there will be more chances of physical contact which may cause infection to spread more.

Mental scars

The mental scar of facing such a disease is not easy to overcome, even though one is out of danger but the trauma the person went through isn’t easily vanished from the memories.

It’s better to take care of yourself and surrounding in such a situation as you know prevention is better than cure.

Safe Holi Happy Holi!

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