U | Movie | 02 Hours 44 Minutes | Tamil | Drama, Comedy | 2008

Starcast: Brahmanandam, Vadivelu, Rajinikanth, Meena, Pasupathy and Prabhu Ganesan

Director: P. Vasu | Producers: Pushpa Kandaswamy, G. P. Vijay Kumar and Ashwini Dutt

Rajnikant plays the role of Superstar and his friend is Pasupathy who plays a barber. Pasupathy`s wife is played by Meena, while Nayantara is Rajni`s pair. The story is about friendship and such noble values. About how Rajnikant is busy with his career and doesn`t have much time for his friend. The film has a remarkable climax which so impressed Rajni that he wanted to do the film.