Azhagiya Tamil Magan

U | Movie | 02 Hours 46 Minutes | Tamil | Thriller, Romance | 2007

Starcast: Vijay, Shriya Saran, Namitha Vankawala and N. Santhanam

Director: Bharathan | Producers: Swargachitra Appachan

Guru Moorthy (Joseph Vijay) is an athlete and business management student and suffers from extrasensory perception (ESP); wherein what he dreams shall come true sooner or later. He is about to get married to Abhinaya (Shriya Saran) when he dreams that he is stabbing her.To keep her safe, he runs away to Mumbai. However, there he sees his look alike, Prasad (Vijay) and develops a different interpretation of the dream now. Before he catches Prasad, Prasad has gone to Chennai where he meets Abhinaya and plans to marry her. Abhinaya mistakes him for Guru and brings him home. Meanwhile, Guru comes back and tells the truth. However, no one believes him. But later, the truth prevails followed by a tense battle between the two. In the process, Guru stabs Abhinaya. She is taken to the hospital where again Prasad changes into Guru`s clothes and enters her room. Whether the real Guru is able to get his identity back, is what remains to be seen.