U/A | Movie | 02 Hours 43 Minutes | Tamil | Action, Drama | 1992

Starcast: Rajinikanth, Kushboo and Sarath Babu

Director: Suresh Krissna | Producers: Rajam Balachander and Puspha Kandasamy

This is the story of two friends, Annamalai (Rajinikanth) and Ashok (Sarath Babu). Ashok is the son of a rich businessman while Annamalai is a milkman. Ashok falls in love with a girl from a poor family, Geetha (Rekha), which his father obviously does not agree to. Annamalai however, holds their wedding, inviting his father`s wrath. And Annamalai falls for Subu (Kushboo Sundar), whom he subsequently marries. Now Ashok`s father tries to create a rift between the two friends. He succeeds when Ashok orders his men to bring down Annamalai`s house. Outraged Annamalai challenges them that he would become a better businessman than Ashok; and he succeeds. Meanwhile, Annamalai`s daughter and Ashok`s son fall in love. Naturally their fathers are against their union. Do they unite or their love gets slaughtered at the hands of their fathers` enmity, forms the crux.