U/A | Movie | 02 Hours 23 Minutes | Kannada | Drama, Romance | 2012

Starcast: Prajwal Devaraj, Hari Priya and Radhika Pandit

Director: M. D. Sridhar | Producers: Ramu

Hailing from an aristocrat industrialist Rajasekhara Murthy family Sagar (Prajwal Devaraj)is forced to say a lie that he is in love with Kajal. That is when the marriage is fixed with him and Priyanka (Haripriya). They decide that unless both fall in love they will not get married is what both decide. To keep this marriage away, Sagar comes up with an idea from. Accordingly, Kajal (Radhika Pandit) arrives in the house. The family agrees on this and what happens next is the action portion because Kajal is followed by international don Sonu (Dev Gill). How Sagar saves Kajal and accept her, is the remaining portion of the film.