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Uttarakhand Government Paying Tourists To Holiday There Is Insane

Uttarakhand Government just launched its latest initiative "Travel Incentive Coupon", whereby it will pay tourists holidaying there Rs. 1000

Very rarely and it’s a once in a blue moon kind of opportunity that any state’s government will pay the tourists to holiday in their state, but now in this same league a very interesting scoop is that Uttarakhand Government paying tourists to holiday there is insane.

This is a very novel and out of the box type of an idea to promote the state’s travel and tourism where we are seeing how the impossible is being made possible all thanks to the government’s efforts in which Uttarakhand Government paying tourists to holiday there is insane.

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Recently in just the last month itself, the Uttarakhand Government has launched and unveiled their project which is titled as the “Tourist Incentive Coupon”, and within this initiative scheme all the tourists who will be visiting Uttarakhand for holidaying and vacation will be offered Rs 1000 for their stay and accommodation there.

The most intriguing and interesting fact about this offer is that it will be applicable and applied only to those people who meticulously are in process of planning their vacation or have already planned their trip completely along with the 3 day online booking part also sorted where in the offer would work in this way that at any hotel or home stay if the tourists have done their booking for accommodation, then they will be getting Rs 1000 for the same.

Most importantly this is also being done to promote workation or staycations at their state where tourists after the unlock phase IV in India, if are planning any trip to Uttarakhand for vacation or for a change of scenery even if to both vacation and also do office work from their magical quaint charming mountain destination with picturesque idyllic locales coupled with the breath taking views of mountains along with the cold and nippy air giving a panoramic view of the blue skies and beautiful sunsets then Uttarakhand is surely going to be a travellers paradise for them where they would love coming back to again and again.

This is mainly being done to enhance and boost their state’s travel and tourism and during a recent interview with a leading Indian pop culture entertainment website when their travel and tourism minister Satpal Maharaj was asked about the same, he said, “The tourists will be given the discount coupon while registering themselves on the government portal under tourist category. They will then be able to use the coupon during their stay in a hotel or homestay in the tourist spots of the state”.

The green signal and clearance for this tourism initiative project was given a go ahead at a cabinet meeting. To re built the economy, which suffered hugely because of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic not just Uttarakhand but also other states are now coming up with their unique and new ideas also driven by the same purpose for their states as well.

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