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6 Unconventional Dating Trends That Ruled Majorly In 2020

With this year ending in a few hours from now, we saw many relationship trends, but out of them these are undoubtedly the 6 unconventional dating trends that majorly ruled in 2020.

We all know how much unprecedented and out of the box like a curveball this year 2020 has been for each one of us thanks to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic. Definitely, since majorly in this year the youth stayed in homes working from home, dating terminologies and trends have drastically changed a lot now. We saw many trends this year, out of them all, you should totally take a look at these 6 unconventional dating trends that ruled majorly in 2020.

Finally with this year coming to an end in a day from now on, let’s take a thorough glance at the list of 6 unconventional dating trends that ruled majorly in 2020.

Right from slow dating to quarantine and chill, here are the 6 unconventional dating trends that ruled majorly in 2020.

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1. Slow Dating – This concept of slow dating means that more people within this year 2020 got attracted and loved the idea of having a real and lasting meaningful connection virtually without the fear of going straight to the point or cutting to the chase thereby finally slowing themselves down to the pivotal getting to know you phase before meeting that person in real life.

2. Elsa’d – This name has got nothing to do with your siblings or niece coaxing and convincing you to watch Frozen with them again. But rather, here this term means that someone that you’ve been talking to virtually online abruptly and out of the blue just freezing you out or more so, ghosting on you without any valid or reasonable explanation for the same. Also, being ghosted has totally got nothing to do with being cold heartedly Elsa’d.

3. Quarantine and chill – This trend is where Netflix and chill got more pandemic friendly globally where the main idea of going out with someone to eventually hook up is the same with a twist of adequate health precautions and safety measures being taken care of in this new day normal which has totally given the rise to virtual dates with maximum time assessed by youth on Zoom and facetime this year. Whereby, even globally renowned dating app, Bumble found out that almost 78% of youth is now open to the concept of virtual dating with video chats being that apt mode of communication for making new relationships even whilst locked up in homes.

4. Kanye’d – Kanye’d is a trend which means that being with someone who bores you to death by making your ears bleed due to his incessant talking even before you barely got a chance to speak up is when you get Kanye’d which is basically the other person speaking continuously when you are quiet in a one sided conversation without taking not of that fact. These people are ones who indulge themselves in ‘Zoomlandering’ which is spending the entire virtual Zoom date by checking themselves out in the camera without paying any attention towards you.

5. Deja ew – Deja ew was also a trend in 2020 which means Déjà vu but of the nasty kind. This means that when you suddenly end up coming across someone in particular with whom you have already been speaking or gone on a date with whilst browsing on a dating app especially taking into consideration the fact that when it’s with a person you totally despised having a conversation with in that date.

6. Rossing – Now even in this year 2020, we and fans can’t seem to be getting over the Ross and Rachel break. Infact, nowadays, the true blue millennials are totally bringing back this cult trend of the 90’s with this dating terminology which means that when you are dating someone new but suddenly you end up finding out the truth that even then they are on the dating apps or also hooking up with other type of people without letting you know even before you get the chances of defining the relationship.

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