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Be heart-healthy: Start exercising!

Here are a few exercises which will help you maintain good heart health.

The heart is the most essential part of the human body and heart health is the thing which we should care about the most. But, this is not happening with the increasing pace of life. With increasing life pace the people are becoming lazier and this laziness is affecting the heart directly. The lower your physical activity gets the unhealthier your heart gets. 

An active life leads to a healthy heart. You don’t have to be an athlete to live an active life for a healthy heart. A brisk walk or jog for a few minutes every day also proves to be equally effective. The following are the 3 best exercises you can practice for better heart health.

1) Aerobic Exercises: Aerobic exercises help in the circulation of blood and hence the blood pressure stays in control which leads to a healthy heart. The only thing you need to do is practice aerobic exercises like walking running, swimming, cycling, skipping rope, etc. for around 30 minutes every day. Ideally, 150 minutes every week of Aerobic exercise is helpful for a healthy heart.

 2) Resistance(Strength) Exercise: The Resistance exercise included of a lot of energy consumption which helps you sweat out and reduce the excess fat. These exercises can be performed twice a week.

3) Streching(Flexibility) Exercises: The Stretching exercises indirectly affect towards better heart health through good muscle health. These exercises can be used as pre-workout warm-up and post-workout cool-down. 

Follow these exercises and be heart healthy. 

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