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A DIY Hair Mask to solve Winter Hair Problems

The winter season has begun and so have your hair problems. Winter weather is the toughest weather, on our hair, Problems like breaking hair, dandruff, scalp problems increase in the winter season. But, you don’t have to worry about it anymore, we are here to help you.

No need to hit the saloon and get some expensive conditioning and treatment done. We will guide you with a DIY hair mask which will perfect for you to solve most of your winter hair problems. So let us start with the mask.

First, we will take a look at the ingredients for this mask. The Ingredients include ½ tablespoon honey, 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt, 1 tablespoon of coconut or avocado oil and 1teaspoon of castor oil. The use of two drops of sweet orange essential oil or rosemary essential oil is optional.

The procedure to follow in using the mask is – Mix all the ingredients in the right proportion and apply it on the scalp with the help on hands or hair dye brush, make sure you no part of your hair and scalp remains without the mask. Keep to mask for a minimum of 30 minutes later shampoo and condition your hair as usual. Applying the mask overnight is recommended to obtain the best result.

So, head out bring the ingredients and make this mask to solve your winter hair problems.

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