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5 Exercises to Improve Agility

Listed in this article are 5 exercises that will help you to improve your Agility.

No matter, what your age is today, agility is very important and hence agility improving exercises should be the necessary part of our regular workout plan. Agility means the ability to move quickly and change direction easily. Mental agility is also included with the physical agility improvement. Our increasing age or increasing laziness has a direct impact on our mental as well as physical agility.

Here are 5 exercises to improve your agility and be as quick as young.

1) Ladder Drills

The agility ladder drills exercises can be performed in numerous variety it is up to you to decide the way you want to perform the drills. Whatever move you practice starts at a slow pace once you master the move the pace can be gradually increased.

2) Hurdle Drills

Hurdle drills can be performed similarly to ladder drills with the use of hurdles ranging from 6 to 12 inches of height. The hurdles can be placed in any combination to practice this exercise.

3) Balloon Drills

Take 2 different colored balloons filled with air. Try to make contact with the balloon and keep them in the air try hitting the balloons in an alternate manner and in between two hits perform a squat for better effects.

4) Medicine Ball Drills

Perform the medicine ball drills with an appropriately weighing ball for the body fitness in also beneficial for the agility of our body.

5) Agility Balls

Use small-sized agility balls and keep bouncing them from a wall or a partner the shape of the ball can send the ball in any direction after hitting, Hence it is necessary to practice in a properly available space.

Start practicing the exercises and improve your agility.

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