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5 Crazy Health Facts You Won’t Believe You Never Knew

Here are some health facts which are too Crazy and you won’t believe you never knew.

With an increasing number of health consultants and dieticians with every passing day, it is very difficult to believe to trust the different health tips and facts they provide. In all this health rush happening all around us, we miss a lot of small things which are helpful for our better physical and mental health.

Here are Five Crazy health facts that you have never heard before and you will also find it very much unbelievable.

1) Men forget more than Women.

The exact reason for this forgetful fact is not exactly known, but it is considered to be due to the varied structure of the brain. 

2) Big eyes are more nearsighted

Big eyes mean a longer distance between the retina and cornea, such eyes are highly considerate to suffer from nearsightedness aka myopia.

3) Coffee reduces depression

It comes as a piece of good news for the coffee lovers as Caffeine might help you out of depression. Studies state that every cup of coffee reduces the risk of depression by 8%.

4) Hands and Legs have Maximum bones

Out of the 206 bones in a fully grown adult body, more than 50% percent are in the hands and feet. Each hand contains 27 bones while each leg contains 26 bones, summing to 106 bones.

5) Green Tea Improves memory

Along with many health benefits like weight loss, stop growth of cancer cells, reduce anxiety the regular intake of green tea also improves a person memory. 

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