Home Remedies To Avoid And Cure Cough & Cold

The whole world has been partially paralyzed because of the outbreak of novel coronavirus. The worst thing about the deadly disease is that its symptoms are similar to that of normal flu or cough and cold.

The similarity in the situation makes people panic more and make them wonder if their flu is just a normal one or that of COVID-19. In such a scenario it is best that we avoid catching flu or cold and cough.

Here a few home remedies which you might have heard from your grandmother or mother but could have thought they will prove so much handy in a pandemic situation.

So let’s wind the clock and go back to being kids and back to the secret ingredients your grandma used to shoo away your cold.

Check them out:

Honey, Lemon, and Cinnamon

Make a syrup type solution of honey, lemon, and cinnamon. To make the syrup and half a spoon of honey, then a few drops of lemon and just a pinch of cinnamon. Have this syrup solution twice a day to cure cough and cold and also to avoid it.

Luke Warm Water

Lukewarm water is effective for curing sore throat. The warm water helps to reduce inflammation in the throat and helps in throwing out fluids of infection out of the body. Not only does a regular glass of warm water helps getting cured of cough and cold but also helps keep constipation away.

Salt-Water Gargle

This is an age-old remedy to treat cough and cold away plus helps relieve a sore throat. A pinch of turmeric in the warm salt-water can also do miracles.

Spiced Tea

Tea lovers, here a treat for you! To make spiced tea you need tulsi, ginger, and black pepper, add little proportions of it while making the tea and your cough and cold will be gone eventually.

Salt and Ginger

Cut ginger into small pieces and add a pinch of salt over it. Chew these ginger pieces to fight cold and cough and also a sore throat.

Now, for the bonus! Turmeric Milk (Haldi Doodh). It’s the same thing you hated to drink but guess what? The antibiotics agents in the turmeric help fight the cold and cough causing bacteria.

PS- If the cough and cold worsens it is better to go visit a doctor.