Is Your Tea Healthy? Try These 4

Tea Lovers, here are the benefits of tea and we suggest you try the following types of tea during the forthcoming winters for added benefits.

If you are a tea lover you must get tired of hearing the ill effects of drinking tea regularly. But we are here to do exactly the opposite of it, we will share some benefits of drinking tea and what are its positive effects on our health.

The first benefit of tea is the antioxidant and polyphenols contained in it, these products provide health benefits such as strong bones, reduced cholesterol, low risk of heart disease and also helps stay away from cancer. The next benefit is the less amount of caffeine than coffee, a cup of tea has less than 50% of coffee present in coffee. This reduces the possibility of acidity and relative diseases.

But the following are 4 types of tea which can boost the benefits of tea towards your health. We suggest you try the following.

1) Green tea – Green Tea is rich in antioxidants, it is less tasty than the normal white tea. Green Tea is the least processed tea which means it has maximum health benefits. It provides a polyphenol named EGCG that boosts the immune system, fights inflammation and reduces the risk of cholesterol and cancer.

2) Black Tea – Black tea is highly preferred by the English, Irish and American people. Black tea has a low content of polyphenols. It helps reduce the risk of heart disease, teeth disease and bacteria related to cavities and bad breath.

3) Oolong tea – The benefits and properties of Oolong tea lie between those of green tea and black tea. Oolong tastes like fruit and its odor is floral. Oolong tea keeps us away from itchy skin and another skin related disease.

4) Pu-erh – Pu-erh is a dark red colored tea highly demanded in China. This tea helps reduce cholesterol and also helps indigestion.