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Is Organic Food Better Than Non-Organic Food?

Let us have a brainstorming on the thought if Organic food is better than the Non-Organic food.

It is the last two decades that have brought organic food products in limelight and these organic food products have gained a lot of popularity in these years. The US spent a total amount of $39.1 billion over organic food products in 2014 and in the last 4-5 years, the expenditure has just increased by 10-15% every year. But what exactly is this Organic food?

A term organic itself means naturally. The food products are labeled as Organic if there is no artificial activity or addition products used to treat the products. Which means that there no additive products artificial preservatives, artificial colors included in these products. Commonly products like grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat are bought under the label organic.

The studies conducted to determine the nutrition content in organic and non-organic food products state that the nutrient content in organic food is more than that in non-organic. The crops in the farms are grown organically and hence have a high proportion of vitamins and antioxidants. These products also have a low level of nitrate in it.

We would suggest organic food products over non-organic products, but various different studies have stated different results. We have found that the difference between the two kinds is very less. While some studies state organic food to m=be more nutritious some others stated a lack of evidence to prove organic more nutritious than non-organic food products.

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